Kroger Eliminates Double & Triple Coupons
On April 13, 2011, Kroger Grocery Stores in the Houston, Texas area ended their double and triple coupon program. Many consumers relied on this program to save significant money on their family’s grocery costs. For instance, if toothpaste is on sale for $1.50, and there is a 50 cents off coupon available for toothpaste, the coupon value would double to $1.00 and shoppers would only pay 50 cents for the product. Under current rules, shoppers can only redeem manufacturer coupons at face value.

How you will be affected by Kroger’s decision:

  • Double coupon programs will be eliminated in grocery stores near you. When a grocery giant like Kroger modifies a policy, they test the change in a “test market.” If the change proves to be favorable for the company, the change will be made in each store throughout the country. Shoppers from various regions are already reporting that the description of the double coupon program has been removed from their weekly circulars.
  • Family grocery costs will rise. Shoppers who enjoyed the savings they had with double and triple coupons will now save considerably less money. The Kroger Co. operates 2,449 stores in 31 states. Measured by total sales, Kroger is one of the nation's largest supermarket operators. Annual sales volume per store can exceed $30 million.

  • Food banks and Homeless shelter donations will decline. In the past, savvy shoppers and community groups used these programs to purchase items for the purpose of donating them to those in need. These generous people are now left unable to use these programs for their work, which will mean fewer donations to vital programs like regional food banks and shelters.

How consumers can respond:
Coupon users are resourceful people. For years, they have used coupons and combined them with shopping savvy to provide a better life for their families and communities. Kroger is going in a different direction that will affect coupon use. If consumers don’t resist this program, other retailers may soon follow suit.

Consumers everywhere are voicing their concern with the decision Kroger has made on this website. Bring Back Doubles exists to provide a platform for shoppers to make a public statement to Kroger regarding their decision to eliminate the double and triple coupon program. Kroger has made their choice concerning double and triple couponing, but consumers can speak up and show how important this program is.

Important Update (8/16/11)
Since Kroger has announced the elimination of double coupons in the Houston Market, other regions have unfolded stricter coupon policies. For instance, shoppers are reporting that Kroger's Denton,TX store no longer doubles coupons. Another store in Perryburg, OH now only allows shoppers to use 3 like coupons per shopping trip. These decisions have all been made with minimal notice. Shoppers nationwide are learning about this information when they arrive at the cash register in the checkout line with a cart full of groceries.

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